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The diaphragm valve VM100 has been used by ROIS to perform tests for an important manufacturer of electromechanical solutions in appliances and biomedical industries to dispense a very expensive PTFE grease on a mechanical part with three pins.
Before the introduction of the diaphragm valve VM100 the product was manually lubricated: the product was wasted and bad dispensed.

With the introduction of the diaphragm valve VM100 and a calibrated nozzle we implemented into the production lines the automatic grease distribution.

In each piece three diaphragm valves dispense a precise quantity of product which is distributed by the introduction of the three pins inside of the relative nozzles.
The advantages of this solution are:

- Saving time in production because the automatic system is faster
- Improving the quality of the product because of the regular grease distribution

- Cost saving in product and process: no product waste and a continuous production.