ROIS patent.
Technology made in Italy.
Innovation and reliability over time.

Why ROIS Dosing Systems?


A European patent for a new line of microdosing valves designed to dispense low and medium viscosity substances, using a wide range of bodies for an extremely precise dosage. Developed to guarantee millions of working cycles before that maintenance is required, Rois diaphragm valves dispense quantities precise and uniform constant over time, even for the most demanding applications.

Entirely made in Italy
Total traceability
Use in every production sector
Steel production

Performance made in Italy

Rois powered by Uster

In 2014 Uster creates the new brand, ROIS Dosing Systems, a European patent for the production of microdosing valves, designed to dispense low-to medium viscosity, thanks to a wide range of impulse regulations for an extremely accurate dosage. With the brand ROIS, Uster which produces high quality components in light alloys, stainless steels and titanium invests in a highly innovative product and with high standards in terms of quality aimed at Italian and foreign market.

Uster, a company that has been dealing with for forty years precision machining, is specialized in the engineering of the product to the industrialization in 10 industrial sectors different. It is present in the Italian and foreign market. Uster has always been focused on the quality of processes and adopts international certifications, a fleet of machines technologically advanced with planned checks and maintenance programs. Among the pluses for customers is the planning of the production and guaranteed dispensing time.

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Rois Dosing System