Stainless steel microdosing valves

Accurate and uniform dispensing of liquids

100% Made in Italy design and production

In 2014, Uster, an Italian precision mechanics company, patented the first Rois membrane valve at European level for precise and uniform of low and medium viscosity substances.

Design and production of pneumatic and electronic ROIS valves

Uster, a company that has been involved in precision mechanical machining for forty years, is specialized in the engineering of the model up to the industrialization of the product in 10 different industrial sectors. It is present on the Italian and foreign market.

With Rois, the company invests in a highly innovative product, with high standards in terms of quality and aimed at all sectors.

In addition to the wide range of pneumatic valves, Rois offers the evolution of pneumatic dosers: the electronic valve.

Hydra - VME100 an electronic valve that allows opening and closing of the membrane in a very short time. Pneumatic management is eliminated by working directly on the membrane with micrometric positioning and in times of milliseconds.




The new line of valves is designed for:

Dispense low to medium viscosity substances with precise and uniform quantities

Take advantage of a wide range of headersfor extremely precise dosing Take advantage of a wide range of headers for extremely precise dosing

Have a very long life, our diaphragm valves can be subjected to millions of work cycles before the first maintenance is necessary

Ensure maximum response speed and a positive shutoff

Made of stainless steel with a compact and innovative design, entirely Made in Italy.
They are fully traceable through a unique serial number.

Rois' goal is to offer the industrial market microdosing valves suitable for dispensing precise, uniform and constant quantities of liquid, even for the most demanding applications, guaranteeing all types of applications and high control in the fluid dispensing phase.

Sectors of use of diaphragm valves

Food industry
MOCA Certification

The Rois diaphragm valve dispenses precise and uniform quantities of food and beverages used in production and packaging activities.

The diaphragm valve is suitable for:
  • Filling of bottles, jars and bags with drinks and creams
  • Applying greases and lubricants to metal parts used in canning processes
  • Dot dispensing of cyanoacrylates and adhesives on boxes for packaging
  • Dot dispensing of cyanoacrylates and adhesives on boxes for packaging
  • Precise application of micro-droplets and fine solvent beads
Fluids dosed:
  • Beverages
  • Creams
  • Fats
  • Stickers
  • Cyanoacrylates
  • Sealants
Why is the Rois valve optimal for dosing of food and industrial fats? Its polymer membrane guarantees the insulation of the product to be dosed and the maintenance of its characteristics.
Cosmetic sector

The Rois valve is able to uniformly apply cosmetic products, such as creams, perfumes, detergents and liquid wax.

The best performances are also guaranteed in the dosage of medium-high viscosity creams and medium-aggressive solutions.
Fluids dosed:
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Creams
  • Sealants
  • Stickers
Electronics sector

The high-precision Rois dosing valve is able to deposit precise and uniform quantities of product:

It can help increase efficiency and productivity and reduce waste through the controlled application of silicones, adhesives and solder pastes in assembly processes.
Pharmaceutical sector

The Rois valve allows for simple, fast and precise dosing of uniform quantities of adhesives, silicones and cyanoacrylates used in production processes in the medical field.

Our valves are compatible with all solvents traditionally used in the production of medical or industrial devices.
Automotive sector

Reducing waste in dosing materials is essential to obtain greater production efficiency: the Rois diaphragm valve is designed to guarantee greater control in the fluid dispensing phase.

The diaphragm valve is suitable for:
  • bonding of gaskets and electronic components
  • lubrication of rollers, springs and pistons
  • applying grease to hinges and guides
Assembly sector

Reducing waste in dosing materials is essential to obtain greater production efficiency: the Rois diaphragm valve is designed to guarantee greater control in the fluid dispensing phase.

The diaphragm valve is suitable for:
  • Application of greases in transmission components or moving parts
  • Distribution of solvents
  • Dosing of oils on sliding guides

Fluids compatible with the ROIS diaphragm valve

The patented Rois dosing system diaphragm valves ensure high process speeds and precise control of fluid dispensing.

The vast range of products that can be supplied in many industrial sectors has led Uster to design and create various types of diaphragm valves.

In fact, there are many sectors of use and the types of liquids to dose in which each substance must be treated considering its specific characteristics.

Where to see the microdosing valves

Do you want to know all the different types of Rois diaphragm valves in detail?

The exclusive distributor in Italy of Rois patented diaphragm valves is
USTER s.r.l. a company that deals with the supply of high-quality industrial products, guaranteeing after-sales assistance.


Top service

I contacted the company to select some microdosing valves for our food plants. The staff was really courteous and provided me with all the specifications we needed, guiding us in purchasing the most suitable version of valves for our applications.
John C.

Absolute quality!

I work at a company that produces cosmetics, we have been looking for membrane valves for the dosing of additives in the production of creams for some time. I contacted the dealer to get technical insights on the product. We have subsequently purchased a quantity of pneumatic valves and I can confirm that the product is of the highest quality, with an attractive and unique design. From the point of view of functionality, the technology is decidedly superior.
Agnes V.

Serious and professional

Product quality and performance are undeniable. A highly technical product even for the most demanding applications. Recommended!
Max F.

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